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Flipping the lock on the front door and dousing the neon lights from the windows, Karl took a moment and listened to Hoot above stairs as he settle for the night. Satisfied his Alpha was safe, he turned, facing the young were, Dekker. “Still a chance for you to change your mind.”

Dekker looked the big wolf up and down.Collapse )
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Locking the alleyway door behind him, Karl sauntered into the bar, automatically counting the last few of the customers there. About to prop his ass on a stool, he waved at a few and grabbed a handful of peanut mix. Halfway to his mouth he paused at the new scent. Definitely were - but a young one. Scanning again he spotted the movement.

“Coming through,” Thomas said as he brushed past with a tray of empty glassesCollapse )

Thomas Dekker and Hoot ~ New cub in town

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Thomas could feel the weres long before he saw them. There was an energy they exuded when in a pack. He filled his lungs with their scent and walked through the door of the bar. With an air of cockiness that only the young or unstable can get away with.

Seated at his usual perch, Hoot scribbled another note for the day shift barman when he heard the door open.Collapse )

New wolf in town!

Name: Janey
E-mail: cnnrblog@gmail.com
Lj: neenishtart

Pup Name: Thomas Dekker
Pup LJ: dekker_bq
Pup Species: Were (wolf)
Pup Location or Occupation if relevant: Followed the howl to New Orleans. Lives on any floor or sofa offered.


The howl came early. Young Thomas had just come to terms with puberty when his hairy self made its appearance and he liked it. Nights prowling the strip of Vegas had him chased by animal control and padlocked in his room by his parents. They tried to reason with him that he had to repress his wolf; hide it, deny it.

Yeah right!

The wolf gave Thomas freedom and locks can be broken.